Moving beyond access: Are we “Data ready” for a student success agenda?

When the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) is dissolved next year, who will continue nation-wide research into the student success agenda–i.e. access to post-secondary for traditionally underrepresented groups? Gaps persist in post-secondary participation rates especially among low-income, first-generation, and Aboriginal groups. David Simmonds of CMSF and Sheila Currie of Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) presented on a study into whether we've built and sufficiently support a data infrastructure to underpin recruitment, retention and student success models for students from a variety of backgrounds.

A set of principles was presented to the group for feedback before they're shared with presidents at PSIs across the country. Two comments stood out for me: One person pointed out that they seemed more like a strategy than like principles, while another suggested that a bottom-up process, with IR offices agreeing on standards would probably work better. Look forward to hearing from your college or university president when this comes through.

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