Some useful sites and some fun ones

These sites have helped me a lot recently, and  I plan to use them a lot more:

  1. Twitpic relatively easy way to share off-the-cuff (or phone) photos
  2. – useful not only for shortening URLs but also for tracking visits
  3. posterous! – easy to post by email, even without an account
  4. Instapaper! with read later button for storing things–great for research
  5. – makes it easy to share large files

These sites are lots of fun

  1. -countless truly unique views of the world
  2. block posters – create wall-size posters using your own printer

And this is one I’m looking forward to trying out

brainshark – narrate presentations, documents, videos; make photo albums, produce a podcast–should be useful for creating how-tos

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