moving on

Giving up a house you’ve lived in 15 years and raised your family in is not the easiest thing to do. Getting rid of stuff is another matter. Found Blitz Junk Removal on craigslist, liked the page title: “Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap” (hey, any reference to rock ‘n’ roll is good enough for me), and when I talked to Alex on the phone, found him easy to get along with and efficient sounding. They were also able to come on a Sunday morning.

I was doubly impressed when Alex and his co-worker showed up in our lane, on time, with a very neat truck, rolled the bin they were hauling to the ground , and immediately tackled the mountain of stuff my husband (and to a lesser extent, I) had gotten ready in the garage.

Here’s a shot of the junk (took up about 1/3 of a double garage) with the bin in the background:

Here’s the bin–only 60% full, only 60% charge. They moved the mountain in less than 20 minutes.

Finally they back the truck up and reload the bin:

If you too have stuff to get rid of, you can reach Alex at 778-882-5865 or search craigslist vancouver services for “blitz”. “No job is too big or small for us. We remove your junk with a smile!” They have self-serve options and only charged us for the part of the bin we filled.

This year’s crop of raccoons

This family of raccoons has been hanging around the neighbourhood of Glenbrooke North in New Westminster, Greater Vancouver awhile. I hoped to get a shot of them picking grapes but they’d moved on to the grass by the time I got my camera.

The “babies” must be teenagers by now, but they’re still playful as these photos show. Here a tail makes a nice boa/shawl for a cool morning.

Total relaxation/utter abandon.

They make a melodic “trilling” sound–sweet but nonetheless woke us up at the crack of dawn the other morning.

A convenient climbing apparatus:

What’re YOU lookin’ at?

They endured the paparazzi for awhile before moving on to more private backyard pastures.

See the whole blurry series on picasa: