Inverted rainbow graces sky over Fairfield

It was a magical moment at the end of the day on Friday, April 8th in Fairfield, Victoria #yyj , BC Canada. The sun was just above the horizon, obscured by some light cloud but this amazing light show was overhead. From what I can determine, it is the result of ice and sun and cirrus clouds. To me it’s an “inverted rainbow” but scientifically it’s known as a circumhorizon arc or a circumzenithal arc . Some people apparently call them a “fire” rainbow (when in fact they’re caused by ice). Apparently they’re rarely seen.

Fortunately my camera was nearby and charged up and the arc cooperated so I was able to grab these photos.

Here’s some more info on the phenomenon: NASA-fire rainbow over New Jersey and Inverted Rainbow causes a fuss in the UK

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