Ogden Point Odyssey-your guide to the James Bay breakwater

Ogden Point Odyssey: Breakwater, natural history, people and activities

Ogden Point Odyssey: The Cover

by Valentin Schaefer & Anny Schaefer

published by urbanecology.ca

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  • Full colour, 6” x 9”, 140 pages
  • 2 maps & 135 colour photos including many underwater shots
  • Fully indexed with bonus species list
  • Printed and bound in BC on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper


Minutes from downtown Victoria, British Columbia, Ogden Point with its kilometre-long Breakwater is a magnet of energy and activity. Countless creatures—from plankton to invertebrates to fish to mammals—make their home here. City folks visit Ogden Point to relax, reflect and take in the views. SCUBA divers explore the kelp forests below while planes and helicopters take off and land in the distance. During the warmer months, cruise ships on their way to or from Alaska dock at the Piers as their passengers go ashore to enjoy Victoria’s delights. During the winter, visitors are overawed by waves crashing into the Breakwater’s granite blocks—and know when to keep their distance. Written and photographed by Anny Schaefer and Val Schaefer, with additional photos by Scott Stevenson, Mark Hiebert, Dane Stabel, Ashley Park, Gavin Schaefer and the Island Equipment Owners Association.

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